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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Work

There is already enough in our daily lives that can frustrate us and the only thing we can think of is how much we can’t wait to get home. However, what happens if you get home and you’re having problems opening your garage door? What about those times when someone at home, like your spouse, is getting on your last nerves and you need to make a quick exit before the argument escalates and when you try to leave, your garage door won’t open! The problem is that it only makes the level of frustration that you are already experiencing even worse. Why not try to eliminate some of the frustration by at least making sure your garage door is always functioning properly when you need it to.

Most Common Reasons Your Garage Won’t Work

It might be somewhat comforting to know that the problems that you are experiencing with your garage door opening or closing is usually because of 1 of 6 things, not 1 of 100 things. 3 of these problems are mechanical while the other 3 have something to do with the motor. Some are problems that you can fix on your own and some are just better left to the efforts of a real San Pedro garage door specialist, such as the ones found at SAN PEDRO GARAGE DOOR REPAIR.

Mechanical issues

    This is one of the most common issues that are experienced. Torsion springs, which run across the top of your garage door along with Extension springs, which run along the sides of your door, get rated based on the number of cycles they perform. Once the cycle has run its course or the spring breaks, the garage door opener will no longer be able to lift the door. The only way for you to get in and out of your garage, at this point is to change the springs. This is one of those things that should be handled by a trained and qualified garage door expert. The springs of your door hold a lot of tension. If not handled correctly, it can cause someone great bodily harm.
  2. Worn Out Cables
    The cables, we are referring to, run across the bottom of your garage door. If the spring breaks the cable will also break and need to be replaced at the same time. Just like the springs; a qualified garage door expert should only replace the cables.
  3. Lock Handle
    This is a handle on the outside of your garage door that serves as a security feature. The door will not open automatically once the lock handle is engaged. You’ll need to make sure your door isn’t looked before you attempt to open it. Prior to contacting an expert, you might want to check this feature to make sure it isn’t the problem. Why not save yourself some money if you can.
  4. Remote Isn’t Working
    This is probably one of the most common fixes we encounter. No one ever thinks of the simplest solutions; they always tend to think the worst. The problem with your remote could simply be that you need to replace the batteries. If they are weak, this will cause them to respond erratically. This often leads people to conclude that the remote is broken when in reality all that they needed was to change the batteries.
    The other problem that some people experience with their remote controls is interference with other frequency. This can happen if you are on the same frequency as someone else in the area. In this case, you will need to know where the interference is coming from. There are some manufacturers who have devices that will assist you in locating where the interference is coming from. Once the problem has been identified, it is usually easy to eliminate the cause of the interference and resume using your garage as usual.
  5. A Stripped Gear
    If your garage door is too heavy and the garage door opener is exerting too much effort to open it, this will cause the stripping of the gear. You’ll hear a noise coming from the garage whenever you attempt to open or close he door with nothing happening. The remedy for this is to replace the gears or the entire garage door opener. You should first have a professional have a look at it to make sure that this is actually the cause of your problem and not something else before investing in a new opener.
  6. Lock Mode
    When someone holds down the opener keypad button for too long it will cause them to deactivate or activate it. If your garage door is in the lock mode position, you can’t expect anything to happen. All you’ll need to do to reactivate the door is to hold the keypad button down for a few seconds. This is something that you can do. If you still have trouble opening or closing the garage door, then you can consult with a specialist.

We understand that when you can’t use your garage, it can start a precession of unfortunate circumstances. You may not only be inconvenienced but it can also become unsafe. Don’t take unnecessary chances with your safety. As soon as you are starting to have problems with your door opening and closing, begin troubleshooting right away. The longer you wait and continue using the garage, the worse the problem will become. The worse the problem becomes, the more expensive it might be to replace or repair the problem. Do yourself a favor and be aware of the way you care for your door when it is not operable. There are plenty of certified garage door experts in and around San Pedro to choose from. If you’re unsure about how you should proceed when you notice that your door is not working, they will be happy to come and troubleshoot and resolve the problem for you. It is always in your best interest to be as proactive as possible when it comes to your garage door care.